Apricus Smart Heat Pump arrives in Perth

At last a Heat Pump you can operate with your Smart Phone!

Zero Global Warming.

R290 used in this product is a natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential.

WiFi Smart Phone Ready.

Control from your Smart Phone anywhere using the Hot Water Hub App.

Solid Warranty.

A massive 6 year warranty, leading the way for all-in-one heat pumps


Works with Solar Power

Integrate and maximise your PV with in-built timer controlled heat up cycles.


18 Years of Leading Hot Water Systems.

Apricus have plenty of experience in Hot Water, supplying innovative products since 2005

Smart Touch Screen Controller.

This heat pump controller makes optimising the system easier than ever.

How to Generate Free Hot Water & Monitor using the Smart Phone App

Apricus have been innovating solar hot water systems since 2005. Their new Heat Pump combines a robust integrated heat pump with a Touch Screen controller and Smart Phone App compatibility.

The Australian designed & owned Smart Phone App, called Hot Water Hub, features:

  • Operational data monitoring, including tank temperature and heat pump total power usage.
  • Access to data on the physical controller as well as the mobile app.
  • Easy fault finding and troubleshooting using historic data.
  • Adjusting the operational mode, setting the unit on a timer, and monitoring the temperature, ALL by using the mobile app remotely.

One of the compromises other integrated heat pumps may make is the refrigerant used. However this product uses R290, that has a zero global warming potential compared with synthetic refrigerants!

The system comes in one tank size, 260L but has several different operation modes. The modes can be used and easily adjusted to suit your hot water demand. By combining this energy efficient product with Solar PV, you are harnessing the full potential of this system and potentially powering your system for FREE.

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