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The Advantages of a Reclaim Energy Japanese CO2 System

Japanese Reliability and Patented CO2 Technology.

This delivers instantaneous heating directly into the top of the tank. Never run out of hot water again!

Highest Efficiency Leading to Larger Rebates.

It’s more than 500% more efficient than electric element systems and typically a third of the cost to run compared with gas options.

The Quietest Heat Pump on the Market.

When it’s as quiet as a fridge you can understand why we don’t get noise complaints!


Market Leading Warranties.

Know it’s going to last. Peace of mind 10 year warranty on the tank and a ground breaking 6 years parts & labour on the heat pump.


Install Flexibility and Serviceability.

With vertical tank sizes 160 to 400 litre to choose from you can pick the size that matters. The heat pump is seperate from the tank too. Now we also have a 300 litre horizontal tank, so everything can go on a roof or under a pole home.

External Controller for True Optimisation

Have solar power? Turn your amazing heat pump into a thermal battery and run it for FREE. It’s easy with this controller!

It’s Time to Find Out More on the Reclaim Energy System

CO2 Heat Pumps were developed in Japan ~15 years ago. URECO are proud to introduce these units to WA ~10 years ago. We have the most extensive experience in this market leading product in Perth.

The Reclaim Energy heat pump has been coupled with an Australian made Glass Lined tank. These have proven the test of time with our harsh WA Scheme Water. There are also 4 vertical tank sizes; 160, 250, 315 and 400 litre. And coming in 2022 is a 300L horizontal tank for all roof mount situations, or even under a pole home!

‘Reclaim Energy’, it can do exactly that! This Heat Pump has been designed to integrate with your PV system (Solar Power). It maximises your savings and takes advantage of the energy you are already creating, before exporting back to the grid for little or no return with current feed-in tariffs.

These Japanese CO2 heat pumps have proven to be very reliable and our customers have been extremely satisfied with their decision. Not settling for second best has it’s benefits!

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